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Real estate investments are known to be extremely lucrative, and it’s also a great way to add some diversity into your investment portfolio. Well, if you are not interested in getting involved actively then you can try the passive way of investing through real estate crowdfunding and real estate investment trusts or REITs. However, there are also several investors who would like to own the property and would rather get some funds to invest.

If you’re not ready to invest the entire amount on a property of your choice, then you can always look into a hard money loan opportunity. These loans have numerous advantages, but at the same time, you should be aware of the disadvantages as well.

Hard money loans

Also known as bridge loans, hard money loans are the short-term loans that can be used by the real estate investors to finance their projects. These are completely different from the traditional loans as you neither have to wait for a long time for the approval nor do you need to go through the tiresome documentation process.

Hard money loans are great financial instruments for the house flippers and real estate investors who get 100 percent finance on their projects by presenting the property as collateral. The best thing about this loan is that the borrowers don’t have to go through credit checks as the loan is approved based on the valuation of the property presented as collateral.

Downsides of Hard money loans

  • Very high cost – Even though hard money loans are convenient, but the borrowers have to pay a very high price. The rate of interest can be 10% higher than the traditional loans while the associated fees too are much higher. For instance, the loan processing fees, closing costs, and origination fees are also very high. If you are ready to pay up for all these, then this might be the ideal choice for you.
  • Short-term loans – Since these are short term loans for buying real estate properties, so the repayment time to is pretty short. Before applying for hard money loans, you must check whether you are in a position to cover all the costs and repay on time.

Upsides of Hard money loans

  • Convenience - Hard money loans are highly convenient to avail, and you do not need to wait for weeks to get your loan approved. Thus, the time taken for you to finalize a property and get it financed is only a few days.
  • Flexible terms – As the hard money loans are usually offered by the private investors, so you can negotiate the terms as per your convenience.
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